The Company

MPD – Compressed Air Commerce and Services, currently has thirteen years of activity in the compressed air sector.

MPD is firmly established with a range of different equipment. Equipment with quality assurance, which combined with our technical services are the fundamental reason for our success and satisfaction of our customers.

MPD also markets a wide range of consumables, line filters, and not capacitive capacitive power drains, water separators, oil, nitrogen generators and oxygen.

Another aspect of MPD is the marketing and installation of compressed air networks in aluminum, AIGNEP brand as well as various pneumatic fittings.

Because the satisfaction of our customers also involves the aftermarket, we have enabled own technical services and certified by BOGE to give you the best support when it is needed.

In addition to the above, and because there is equipment which by their importance have to be kept in constant operation, the MPD has maintenance contracts with a view to minimizing risks by carrying out periodic preventive maintenance and a service priority whenever requested.

Brands Represented


- Compressors and Air Treatment

- Compressed air and vacuum networks in aluminum, Pneumatic Accessories

- Oxygen generators, nitrogen and industrial cold

- Technical support service multi-brand 24hours

- Fire Networks